March 22, 2015…Day 602

Nude with Her Hand in the Air...Taken with a Pinhole camera

Nude with Her Hand in the Air…Taken with a Pinhole camera

I decided to shoot this image with film in a pinhole camera. I used a grainy film and long exposure (15 seconds). This experiment was to create an abstracted image in the camera.

Two lights were used, one was placed on the left of the frame and one on the right of the frame. The light on the left was slightly in front of the model and the right was placed about even with the model but aimed slightly behind the model, This was done to illuminate the model’s right side and leave her left side in shadow except for a slight rim affect.

This image was shot on film and scanned into Lightroom. Exposure and brightness were adjusted well as a moderate amount of cropping.

I’ve been asked if my images are for sale, most are, please ask.

Seeking gallery representation.

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