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January 22, 2016…Day 892

Hand on Hip

Hand on Hip

This is a study in organic lines.

Two lights were used, one was placed on either side  of the frame, about even with the model.

This is a digital image processed in Lightroom. The contrast and exposure were adjusted and the image was cropped and rendered to a Black & White via a Lightroom’s preset.

I’ve been asked if my images are for sale, most are, please ask.

Seeking gallery representation.

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May 19, 2013….Day 34….2 Pictures

Nude...Standing with Her Arms in the Air

Nude…Standing with Her Arms in the Air

This is a digital image that was processed in Lightroom. It was given a monochrome appearance by selectively desaturating some colors (if you look closely you will note very muted colors). the image was cropped and some touch-up was done.

This was a two light setup with one light in front of the model and to her right, the second light was placed behind the model to her left.  The light to the model’s right had barn doors on it narrowing the beam so it would  illuminating her torso primarily.

May 19, 2013….Day 34

Reggie at Bat

Reggie at the Plate

This was shot on Kodachrome 64 slide film. The image was scanned into Lightroom where exposure was tweaked.

If you look Reggie is at bat, Parish is catching, and Yogi is coaching first. Every sporting event offers great opportunities for pictures unfortunately it has become harder to bring a camera into almost any event.