June 11, 2013….Day 57….2 Pictures

Nude on the Rocks

Nude on the Rocks

This was shot digitally and processed in Lightroom. Contrast and exposure were altered and the image was desaturated to render it in Black & White.

This was taken using only natural light under a partly cloudy sky with the sun almost directly over head. This gave me a very even light but with enough shadow to give me the modeling I wanted.


June 11, 2013….Day 57

Fighting a Fire...

Fighting a Fire…

This was shot on a very high speed film push to a I.E. of 5000 and developed in a highly active high accutance developer with a substantial increase in development time. This allowed me to capture the scene with no additional light (flash or flood would have been inappropriate).

The only light for this photo was the search lights mounted on the front of the truck.